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Video -
residual current protection


Video -
for maximum listening

DFS F Audio


test-proof residual current protectio

DFS F Audio

for maximum listening enjoyment


smart transformer


compact dual protection

Doepke at Middle East Electricity 2019

Come and visit us in the German pavilion.

Doepke increases focus on dialogue

New online presence and Facebook page for direct customer interaction.


‘Super-EV’ from Doepke


DPRCD-M: Compact core for personal protection switches

Doepke e.Guard

Preventative safety

UL-Line protection

Doepke’s DLS 7, 8 and 9 series provide miniature circuit-breakers with UL certification.

E-mobility: OFF in an emergency!

Residual current circuit-breaker with emergency switching-off function function

Presentation at de-Normentagung

AC-DC sensitive residual current circuit-breakers and arc-fault detection devices.

Video -
residual current protection


Doepke at Hanover Messe 2019

Visit us in hall 13 at stand C 21.

News concerning the company

Doepke takes over the production of miniature circuit-breakers of ABL.

Doepke stand at GET Nord

Every two years, GET Nord brings together representatives from the electronics, sanitary, heating…

Doepke at belektro in Berlin

Find out about our new products and highlights at belektro.

Presentations at the Elektropraktiker Forum 2018

Holger Meier will be giving talks as part of the Elektropraktiker Forum at belektro 2018.

Use electricity safely on construction sites

Our DFS 4 B SK HD construction site power switch

Rules for handling electricity safely

Protection against electricity

Smart light control

Dasy and Dasy TC bring light to the darkness

‘In spite of lightning’ – use electricity safely even during storms

Short-time delayed residual current circuit-breakers make the difference

Company mission: safe use of electricity

Interview with our Managing Director Andreas Müller


Detective work

When the RCCB trips: tips for finding the cause.

Charging equipment protection made easy

The new DFS4 F EV from Doepke protects the charging point and the entire system.

Updated version of DIN VDE 0100-704

HD design

Reliable protection even in harsh environments.

Monitor, switch, test:

Multi-functional remote actuator for residual current circuit-breakers.

Updated version of DIN VDE 0100-530

Technical article by Günter Grünebast.

Monitor, switch, test

Multi-functional remote actuator for residual current circuit-breakers.

Particularly compact design

The new DFS 2 B from Doepke protects thermal pumps and PV systems

Doepke DFS Audio

Experts in residual current protective devices are providing safety in the audio sector.

Reducing fire risk

Doepke’s arc-fault detection device provides three-way security.

Small and vigilant

The new Doepke DCTR transformer.

Safety at charging stations

Doepke DRCBO4 A EV with integrated DC residual current detection.

State-of-the-art residual current protection

Greater safety in the home and office.

Updated Version: IEC 60479-2

New ventricular fibrillation threshold: Perfectly equipped with our type B switches.


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