DPRCD-M: Compact core for personal protection switches

With the new DPRCD-M, the residual current protection expert Doepke is presenting a compact module to produce a five-pin personal protection switch (PRCD, portable residual current operated device) for 400 V sockets.

Over just 8 module widths, the DPRCD-M combines an AC-DC sensitive residual current protection device with network and protective conductor monitoring to increase the level of protection in mobile distribution boards. With a rated residual current of 30 mA, the DPRCD-M offers reliable personal protection and also ensures the protective function of upstream residual current circuit-breakers due to a 6 mA DC threshold. If it is triggered due to undervoltage, for safety reasons the DPRCD-M does not switch on again automatically when the voltage is restored. The module also offers external residual current and rotating field detection.

Personal protection switches are applied when sockets of existing electrical installations are used for consumers that require AC-DC sensitive residual current protection and the upstream protective measure is either unknown or insufficient. PRCDs are used between the socket and consumer. Typical applications include the construction sector, events industry and also rescue operations.

The DPRCD-M from Doepke is available up to 63 A nominal current. It offers full flexibility as the module can be used in a wide range of mobile distribution boards (mounted on mounting rails).

Example structure of the e.Guard system with smart transformers, e.Guard gateway, optional power quality monitoring and cloud-based data management.