The residual current circuitbreaker should trip in the event of a fault in order to protect life. In order to do this, it reacts to the slightest residual currents. If trips occur more frequently, perhaps without a clear reason, the cause must be identified.
Detecting the cause can sometimes be very arduous and time-consuming, but it is essential in order to ensure unlimited system availability. After all, the residual current circuit-breaker will not get tired of tripping when a residual current occurs.
Our checks help to find and eliminate the cause:

If you have checked everything but the residual current circuitbreaker still trips sporadically, there may be operational leakage currents, particularly if you are using an AC-DC sensitive residual current circuit-breaker for systems with frequency converters. Our DRCA 1 residual current analysis system will track them down. Contact our customer support team for more information.