A lot has happened at Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH in Norden, Germany, over the last few years. The residual current technology expert repositioned itself as a brand in 2018 and has since undergone rapid development.

Taking on the production of miniature circuit-breakers and the associated expansion of the product range have made Doepke products more appealing to the North American market, among others.

Aside from the general boom in electronic products, due in part to the expansion of electromobility, a more international focus has triggered a huge surge in demand for Doepke products.


This has made major investments in buildings and machines not only necessary, but also possible. Parts of production, the warehouse and some offices have been moved into an additional hall. This new space also provided the opportunity to significantly expand the individual departments. With new machinery in metal production, the plastic injection moulding department, miniature circuit-breaker production and electronics production, a new testing laboratory and new fully automatic warehouse hoist shelves in the finished goods warehouse, Doepke has a state-of-the-art plant for the production of residual current circuit-breakers, miniature circuit-breakers and residual current monitors. The company is also a pioneer in the field of digital training, with a fully equipped studio, which, among other things, can broadcast online seminars and expert talks.

Construction work

Despite that fact that the company has almost doubled staff numbers in recent years and has also increased its physical footprint by taking over a neighbouring hall, there is no end in sight to its growth. With this in mind, there are plans to add further buildings at the company’s premises in Norden. Initially two further halls will be built to house electronics manufacturing operations and office facilities for the technology team. Construction work is already under way on these. There are also plans for a three-storey administrative building, which will bring together all of the administrative departments that are currently spread throughout various buildings.

New jobs

However, state-of-the-art technology and additional buildings alone are not enough to cope with demand. This is why Doepke is not only making further investments in infrastructure, but also in personnel. The company is still looking for workers in almost all departments. Doepke also offers numerous different training courses and study programmes.


There is a particular focus on the quality of training. Applicants for a trainee position can afford to be picky because they know the better the training is, the more prepared they will be for the increasing requirements on the employment market. With this in mind, good-quality training is an effective antidote to staff shortages. Against this background, Doepke was given the ‘TOP Training’ award by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce last year.


CEO Andreas Müller accepted another award in June 2022, when Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH was honoured with the prestigious E-brand partner of the year award by the Zentralverband der elektro- und informationstechnischen Handwerke (ZVEH, Central Association for German Electrical and Information Technology Trade). “We are very pleased to receive the E-brand partner 2022 award and to get recognition for our long-standing, trusting partnership with the electrical trade,” says Müller. “We want to continue to work as an equal partner with electrical companies in future to allow electricity to be used confidently with innovative products, comprehensive advice and training.”