Product standards in North America and in some other countries have a different emphasis from those in Europe. This is because UL standards apply here. UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®) is one of the leading organisations for testing and certification in the area of product safety. Since 2019, Doepke has been expanding its production of miniature circuit-breakers and therefore also its product portfolio: the three product series DLS 7, 8 and 9 are optimised for various applications in industry and plant engineering. All three series are certified to their own UL standard and are therefore easy to tell apart. In addition to this certification, all three series offer maximum space gain thanks to their compact design, which is convenient for wiring. The special busbar system enables easy and fast installation in the network. What’s more, it is also possible to connect a multitude of additional devices, such as operating current trips, fault sensors and auxiliary sensors.

Switches from the DLS 8 product range are certified pursuant to UL 508. UL 508 is popular because devices with this certification are permitted to be used by specialists and trained personnel in the industry. A selection of the DLS 8s from Doepke are both UL- and IEC-certified and therefore enable systems to be standardised worldwide. This is particularly advantageous for switchgear manufacturers in order to avoid delays due to a lack of commissioning approvals.

In addition to the product line in accordance with UL 508, Doepke also offers a range of ‘Listed Circuit Breaker’ switching devices in accordance with UL 489 for ‘Feeder’ and ‘Branch Circuit Protection’ – DLS 9. From the power source to the power outlet, all circuits can be protected with these devices. Use no longer needs to be approved by a UL Inspector and any electrician can install them. Applications for the switching devices in accordance with UL 489 include power circuits, protection of heating devices, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, sockets and lighting.

DLS 7s are certified pursuant to UL 1077. They are approved as components, i.e. ‘Supplementary Protectors’, for ‘factory wiring’. The UR marking for ‘Recognized Component’ shows the UL approval. The approval permits the switch to be installed into controllers that are project managed, wired and tested by specially trained personnel at the factory. DLS 7s therefore provide additional overcurrent protection for specific applications.