DFS HP: residual current protection for heat pumps

Doepke presents the new DFS HP (HP stands for "Heat Pump"). The residual current circuit-breaker has been specially developed for use in installations with heat pumps and offers the highest possible protection level.

The rise of sustainable technologies also requires new strategies for their protection. The specifications of most heat pump manufacturers do not allow any compromises: as heat pumps use frequency inverters that can generate smooth DC residual currents, manufactures stipulate the use of residual current devices that are AC/DC sensitive.

The new DFS HP from residual current protection expert Doepke is an AC/DC sensitive residual current device that has been specially developed for protecting heat pumps. The protection level not only meets all the requirements of heat pump manufacturers, but the HP-optimised short time delay also ensures increased system availability. This means that the heat pump continues to run even in the event of brief impulse-shaped surge currents without affecting the protective effect.

The DFS HP is also available in an HD (= Heavy Duty) version for use in harsh environments. In this version, it is particularly resistant to dust, harmful gases, heat and cold.

The DFS HP is available with a rated residual current of 30 mA, 100 mA and 300 mA.