The residual current protection expert Doepke is expanding its electromobility product range. The DFS A EV pulsating current-sensitive and AC current-sensitive residual current circuit-breaker is now also available with emergency switching-off function function.
Residual current circuit-breakers in this design not only monitor the charging device, but also the external emergency switching-off function circuit. In the event of danger, one or more charging points can therefore be turned off centrally by pressing a connected emergency shut-off switch or button. The DFS A EV NA has an emergency switching-off circuit that is secure against wire breakage, as well as an integrated auxiliary switch for signalling the switching status remotely.
To protect against smooth DC residual currents ≥ 6 mA, the Doepke residual current circuit-breakers in EV design have an active additional function. The DFS A EV are VDE-certified according to the IEC 62955 product standard and therefore offer standard-compliant all-round protection in charging columns and wall boxes.