DHS FANA: Emergency switching-off with remote operator

Fitted in just five standard units, the new DHS FANA from residual current protection expert Doepke combines a switch-disconnector with an emergency switching-off function and a remote operator.

This combination makes the DHS FANA the ideal solution for emergency switching-off devices in schools, laboratories or other research facilities where electrical circuits are used for experimentation or testing.

If one of the connected emergency stop buttons is pushed, the DHS FANA completely disconnects all poles of the connected system components and loads from the electrical supply. It is no longer necessary to leave the classroom or laboratory to switch the power supply back on, as it can be switched back on easily and conveniently by remote operator from a central location, for example from the teacher's desk.

In combination with a type B residual current circuit-breaker, the DHS FANA meets DIN VDE 0100-723 requirements for classrooms with experimental equipment.