Intelligent residual current monitoring with Doepke e.Guard

Predictive maintenance is an integral part of industry 4.0. It refers to proactive maintenance of installations with the goal of avoiding costly failures or damage. Data on the condition of the installation and forecasts regarding future installation behaviour are used for this purpose.

The residual current protection expert Doepke and software professionals twingz have now teamed up to present the e-Guard – a modular system made up of smart hardware and flexible software components for intelligent residual current monitoring of electrical installations.

e.Guard permanently monitors the residual currents in the electrical installation and therefore offers comprehensive surveillance of their status. Thanks to this continuous residual current monitoring with documentation, Doepke e.Guard there is no need for repeated insulation measurement according to DIN VDE 0105-100/A1.

The residual current data collected can also be combined with machine learning (ML) methods to predict future installation behaviour. This means that it is possible to plan preventive maintenance, testing and repairs at an early stage and to combine them, and to detect and prevent any impending damage in good time. e.Guard thus provides predictive maintenance in the electrical installation, increasing safety and minimising risks for companies and insurance providers in the process.

Doepke e.Guard is designed in five levels and can therefore be planned according to individual requirements – from a flexible individual solution through to fully integrated monitoring of the system landscape for complex industrial structures.

Example structure of the e.Guard system with smart transformers, e.Guard gateway, optional power quality monitoring and cloud-based data management.