DFS 4 B ISΩ HD from Doepke

The DFS 4 B ISΩ HD AC-DC sensitive residual current circuit-breakers from Doepke considerably reduce the work needed for the recurring insulation measurement of electrical systems required by DIN VDE 0100-600.
Conventional switches must be disconnected beforehand, otherwise the electronics would distort the insulation measurement. This is not necessary with the ISΩ HD design from Doepke. With just one measurement, it is possible to measure from the termination point, via the building-site distribution board to the last socket. The measurement remains undistorted despite of the integrated electronics. The simplified insulation measurement also protects the material, as the repeated tightening and loosening otherwise required would put a strain on even the highest quality screws and connection terminals over time. The HD design means the residual current circuit-breakers are particularly resistant to tough ambient conditions such as extreme temperature fluctuations, moisture, dust and corrosive gases.
Doepke residual current circuit-breakers in the ISΩ HD design can handle nominal currents of up to 63 A and rated residual currents of up to 500 mA.