Doepke’s AFDDs reduce fire risk

Doepke’s arc-fault detection device (AFDD) provides three-way security. It combines residual current protection and line protection with protection against dangerous arc faults in just three modular units. If the additional module detects serial or parallel arc faults, it switches off the circuit affected. Arc faults can be generated by defects in the cabling, for example. They produce heat that can damage surrounding materials in the long term and can lead to fires in the worst case scenario. This process can continue – unnoticed – over a very long period of time, maybe even years.

Arc-fault detection devices are required by standards in facilities at risk of fire and certain public institutions. These include common rooms and bedrooms in nurseries, nursing homes and accessible housing as well as in businesses where flammable materials are processed or stored.  Museums where irreplaceable goods are at risk should also be protected.

Doepke’s arc-fault detection device is available in a range of product variants.