DFS PV: Residual current protection for photovoltaic systems

Doepke presents new DFS PV. The residual current circuit-breaker has been specially developed for use in photovoltaic systems and offers the highest possible protection level.

On principle, all AC/DC sensitive residual current devices for electrical installations with a PV power supply are required by standards. Exceptions are only made if the PV inverter manufacturer specifies otherwise. Under certain conditions, the obligation to install a residual current device applies regardless of the manufacturer's specifications, for example for fire protection reasons in accordance with VDE 0100-705 in agricultural premises.

As photovoltaic systems use inverters that can cause smooth DC residual currents, residual current protection expert Doepke recommends AC/DC sensitive residual current devices for all PV systems.

The new DFS PV offers the highest possible protection level, especially for use in photovoltaic systems. With a PV-optimised short-time delay, the AC/DC sensitive residual current circuit-breaker is resistant to surge currents. It thus offers higher system availability due to fewer false trippings. The special design of the DFS PV ensures its reduced power loss. This makes it particularly energy-efficient.

The DFS PV is available with a rated residual current of 100 mA and 300 mA.

The DFS PV is also available in an HD (=Heavy Duty) version for use in harsh environments. In this version, it is particularly resistant to dust, harmful gases, heat and cold.