Easy on the eyes and ears: The new DFS F Audio was designed  specificallyforuseincircuitscomprisingpremium,sensitivesound systems.Theresidualcurrentcircuit-breakerwon’taffectthelistening experience of those with even the most sensitive of ears.  And there’s no need to hide the DFS Audio away – with its classy  vinylblackexteriorandwhitelettering,itfitsrightinwiththe premium equipment it protects.

This type F residual current circuit-breaker offers reliable  protection against dangerous residual currents even with mixed frequency fractions in the event of a fault – and all without losing sound quality.  
The low-impedance design of the DFS Audio ensures an unhindered listening experience: It has solid silver-plated connection  terminals and gold-plated terminal screws. Solid silver-plated internal conductors made of high-purity, low-oxygen copper ensure an unrestricted flow of current and the special design of the summation current transformer prevents undesired inductive fractions.

The DFS F Audio comes in a two-pole and four-pole version with a rated residual current of 30 mA and for rated currents of up to 63 A. It protects personal audio equipment but is also the ideal choice for professional applications, such as for sound systems in theatres, concert halls and cinemas.  

-silver-plated connection terminals  and solid silver-plated conductors
-high-purity, low-oxygen copper and large switching contacts
-extremely low-impedance design makes  inductive fractions ineffective
-residual current protection without any loss of sound