The proven combination of residual current protection and line  protection is the most compact solution for reliably protecting power control circuits supplying frequency converters or other power converters, in the event of a short­circuit, overload or residual currents. Possible applications include pump installations, air conditioning and ventilation systems, photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, cranes and various electrical equipment for construction sites.

Doepke will soon be offering the AC-DC sensitive residual current operated circuit-breaker with integral overcurrent protection in an even more compact form: The DRCBO 4 B has a module width of just 2.5 units in the two-pole variant, and 4.5 units in the four-pole design. In the event of an overload or short-circuit, only the faulty circuit is switched off.  

This simplifies the troubleshooting process, increases the system’s availability and also reduces costs in the process. And the compact size isn’t the only new feature. New product variants of the DRCBO are also expected to be available soon: as well as rated residual currents of 30 mA and 300 mA, it is also now available with a rated residual current of 100 mA.

In addition to the tripping characteristics already available, SK and NK, the residual current operated circuit-breaker with integral overcurrent protection will soon also be available in a B+ version.

All versions are available for rated currents up to 32 A. All DRCBO-series circuit breakers are, of course, VDE-certified.

  • significant space saving
  • rated currents up to 32 A
  • rated residual currents in 30, 100 and 300 mA
  • VDE-certified