Use software and documentation at any time and from anywhere in the world - with the audit-proof e.Guard cloud

e.Guard cloud combines a smart residual current monitor with an IoT gateway. You can store data and use the software regardless of your location by accessing the system via the cloud.

In addition to those of level TWO, e.Guard cloud also offers the following key functions:

  • Integration of up to 40 residual current monitors per e.Guard-gateway
  • Configuration of the residual current monitors
  • Custom alarm thresholds for triggering switch-off and/or an alarm
  • Audit-proof data storage – including the date – in an unchangeable format
  • Data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere using any standard internet browser
  • Pre-warnings and alarms sent via email
  • Status map: Visualisation of alarm history
  • Data is stored in the maximum possible resolution (one value per second) for a year and the history is kept for seven years in a lower resolution
  • Configurable reports
  • Data stored in the cloud