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switch-disconnectors RH 063-400
switch-disconnectors, 63 A, 4 NO

Switch-disconnectors and main switches disconnect electrical consumers or system parts completely from the electrical supply at all terminals. They also switch under load or in the event of overload. They are used to switch off electrical consumers for maintenance work and to protect the system. The devices in series RH are modular main load switches with disconnector function, with contacts that are very durable. The design facilitates the use of an interlock and meets international design regulations.

modular design, high short-circuit resistance and high switching capacity, double-sided two-tier terminals for large conductor cross-section and busbar, switch position indicator, step function when switching on

Mounting method:
quick fastening to mounting rail, any installation position

The devices of series RH can be used universally, for example in industrial and building systems or in domestic installations.

The designation for the devices in the RH series includes the rated current (first group of digits) and the contact design (final group of digits), which is listed in the following order: normally closed contact, normally opened contact and changeover contact. A "RH 063-300" therefore has a rated current of 63 A, three normally opened contacts and no normally closed contacts or changeover contacts.