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automatic reclosing devices DFA 2-4
Remote actuator, 4 MW (module width), 230 V AC, RCCB: In max. 63 A, Switch-on attempts: 1, 3

A remote actuator (ARD) is used to remotely switch connected circuit-breakers on and off. This significantly increases system availability. ARDs with an automatic function automatically switch the circuit-breaker back on. No reclosing occurs if a system error is detected. Series DFA devices are only designed for operation on Doepke residual current circuit-breakers DFS 2 or DFS 4. Depending on the design, the DFA devices are operated with different supply voltages, are fitted with relays to report the switching or locked status and either do not carry out any switch-on attempts or perform one or three attempts. The DFA devices are mounted to the RCCBs on the left. The number of restart attempts can be set to "1" or "3". The switch-on attempts in automatic mode are performed 15 seconds after a trip. This device can be decommissioned using a rotary switch on the housing cover so that no inadvertent remote operation, e.g. during maintenance work on the distribution board, is possible. This variant is supplied power from a voltage source of 230 V AC. Remote tripping through a residual current simulation is also possible. The current switch position of the protective switch ("switched on", "tripped" or "switched off") is indicated by three integrated relay switching contacts. A relay also signals the “locked” status.

retro-fittable remote actuator for Doepke residual current circuit-breakers of series DFS 2 and DFS 4, variants for different power supplies, compact design

Mounting method:
mounting by clamping to the left of the residual current circuit-breaker , quick fastening to mounting rail, any installation position

Remote actuators can be used anywhere where electrical installation are difficult to access or where high system availability should be achieved, This might be on agricultural premises, in small wind power stations, photovoltaic installations, charging stations for electric vehicles, pump stations, sewage treatment plants and telecommunications systems.

According to the standard, automatic restart is only permitted in areas where only trained electricians have access. The remote actuator does not affect the function of the residual current circuit-breaker.