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indicator lights RL 230-1W
Indicator lights, LED white, 230 V AC

Devices fitted on mounting rails to display the operating conditions of electrical consumers. The RL indicator lights with LEDs are suitable for indicating the operating statuses of electrical consumers with a supply voltage of 230 V AC or DC. They are equipped with a durable, low-loss LED in white, red or green. All devices meet the requirements of EN 60699 and VDE 0632.

available in LED colours white (W), green (GR) or red (RT), operating voltage: 110 V to 240 V AC/DC, high illuminance of 15 mcd, terminals for large conductor cross-sections with protection against direct contact as per BGV A3, top and bottom terminals: lift terminals with protection against wires being lodged behind them, low internal consumption, width just 1 unit

Mounting method:
quick fastening to mounting rail Mounting with 2 snap-in positions, any installation position

The indicator lights offer universal use for control tasks in industrial and building systems as well as in domestic installations.