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residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection FIB 40/0,03/3+N-A
Residual current operated circuit-breaker with integral overcurrent protection, three-pole+N, 40 A, 0,03 A, B-Characteristic, Type A

RCBOs combine residual current and miniature circuit-breakers in a single device (RCBO). They protect people against residual currents and systems against short-circuit and overload. The FIB/FIC residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection have a rated switching capacity of 6 kA. A tripping indicator and label window facilitate the overview. Type A switches are sensitive to pulsating and alternating currents. This function is independent of the mains voltage. Switches with tripping characteristic B are the standard protection for lighting and socket circuits. Standard switches are designed for electric circuits with a rated voltage of 230 V or 400 V and a rated frequency of 50 Hz.

mains-voltage-independent tripping, compact design for all rated currents, high short-circuit resistance, switch position indicator, separate indication of fault cause, strain-relief clamps with a wide terminal cross-section range on both connection sides, Neutral conductor right, high electromagnetic compatibility (immunity to interference for industrial applications)

Mounting method:
quick fastening to mounting rail, any installation position, supply as desired

Protection of circuits in residential and purpose-built buildings as well as industrial facilities with TN-S and TN-C-S networks. In IT networks, the RCCB/MCBs can be set to switch off in the event of a second earth fault, Not permitted for use in systems with TN-C networks; not permitted for protecting circuits in which the power electronics equipment may cause smooth DC residual currents or residual currents with frequencies not equal to 50/60 Hz.