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Doepke’s new AFDD

Fire protection switches reduce risk of fire posed by flying sparks

Norden, Germany, September 2016: Doepke’s AFDD (Arc Fault Detection Device) fire protection switches register high-frequency arc faults in line with the requirements of DIN EN 62606. Detection of dangerous light arcs will interrupt the circuit. This prevents overheating at an early stage and avoids any risk of fire caused, for example, by sparks flying. Materials in the surrounding area are protected from damage caused, for example, through melting. Use of the aforementioned device is prescribed for final circuits up to 16 A in, for example, facilities at risk of fire or public institutions, in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-420.

The fire protection switch combines three functions in just three module widths, providing extra protection against arc faults, as well as residual current protection and line protection. The device is a combined RCBO plus additional module, the latter of which detects arc faults and switches off the circuit. Serial and parallel fault arcs may, for instance, occur when there are defects present in cabling. The high thermal load that accompanies light arcs damages surrounding materials. This process, which usually goes undetected, may be drawn out over a very long period of time, maybe even years.

The fire protection switch registers sinusoidal AC and pulsating DC residual currents. The two-pole device is available with current strengths of between 10 and 40 A, and MCB characteristic B or C, and there is even a slow-blow version available. The neutral-pole position can be selected as desired. Thanks to the compact design of the device, it also uses less space in the distribution box.