Good, reliable lighting is required in many places. Whether it is the company car park, outside area, driveway or even a building façade, display window or a landmark – none of these things should be hidden in the dark at night. Energy-efficient, automated lighting control is provided by the Dasy and Dasy TC twilight switches from Doepke.
They switch on the connected light when the daylight is no longer sufficient, and also switch it back off when it gets light again. The switch-on value can be adjusted easily and intuitively, even by non-professionals, using a rotary switch on the underside of the device. When a level of 1.5 times the switch-on value is reached, the Dasy twilight switches turn the lighting off again automatically.
The Dasy and Dasy TC are prevented from responding to short-term influences, e.g. cars driving past, by special sensor technology. The light only switches on after 10 seconds of continuous darkness, and it is reliably switched off again after 40 seconds of brightness.
Additional control options are provided by Doepke’s Dasy TC. It combines twilight switches with a time switch and therefore allows for the lighting to also be switched on and off according to time. This energy-saving function is useful in areas where no or little light is required for a several hours. The clock can automatically switch between summer and winter time.
The Dasy and Dasy TC twilight switches from Doepke can easily be installed on walls and masts. The are available in traditional white and modern anthracite, meaning that they will fit in harmoniously to the respective environment.