Small and vigilant: the new Doepke DC TR transformer


Now even small cable cross-sections can be monitored reliably – with the new DCTR featuring an internal diameter of 20 mm, residual current protection expert Doepke is expanding its range of intelligent transformers for reliably detecting residual currents. As a result, electricians will find it even easier to ensure problem-free, permanent system monitoring even with small cross-sections.

The monitored lines need to be tightly bundled and routed through the transformer as close to the centre as possible in order to achieve reliable measurement results. If the opening is too large, there is a risk of interference. Thanks to its smaller internal diameter of just 20 mm, the new DCTR residual current sensor facilitates reliable monitoring even in these cases. The signalling system can be customised: when residual currents occur, they can be reported via an integrated relay that triggers an external acoustic or visual preliminary alarm. This is ideal for electrical systems where an abrupt shutdown may cause damage to the machinery or workpieces. In combination with a circuit-breaker, the relay can even be used to switch off the affected part of the installation.

Like all Doepke DCTR transformers, the new addition is easy to install and delivers maximum reliability. It is available as a type A pulsating AC-DC sensitive or type B AC-DC sensitive residual current transformer. Its performance is unique on the market: the DCTR detects frequencies from 0 to 100 kHz with 100% reliability, far exceeding the requirements set out in the standards for residual current detection.

The analogue interface from 4–20 mA also allows for remote monitoring and data logging so critical trends and threshold breaches can be seen.

The DCTR is secured to a mounting plate using supplied screw points. The connecting cables are designed to ensure simple and time-saving installation.