The new DFS 2 B from Doepke protects thermal pumps and PV systems

Even if there is only limited space available in a distribution cabinet, the DFS 2 B allows for hassle-free implementation of AC-DC sensitive residual current protection for the electric equipment already in use. What makes the new Doepke DFS 2 B residual current circuit-breaker so unique is its particularly compact design. It only occupies 2 MW when installed, making retro-fitting especially easy. It is the ideal solution for protecting electrical installations that use electronic consumers and frequency converters with operating frequencies extending into the kilohertz range. Examples of these include thermal pumps and photovoltaic systems, which are increasingly being installed not only in new buildings, but also in the renovation market. Alongside conventional AC residual currents, smooth DC residual currents and residual currents with frequencies not equal to 50 kHz can also occur here. Charging points for electric vehicles should also be professionally protected, as these kinds of dangerous smooth DC residual currents can also occur there. 

The new two-pole DFS 2 B residual current circuit-breaker meets this requirement in line with device standard DIN VDE 61008, and reliably protects against the consequences of all kinds of residual currents. Doepke will initially be releasing the DFS 2 B in tripping characteristic curves NK and SK. The NK version ensures preventative fire protection; with their conventional upper threshold of 300 mA, these residual current circuit-breakers even disconnect up to 150 kHz. The SK characteristic curve is the ideal choice for systems such as those in which operational leakage currents may occur, but which need to remain operational at all times, where possible.