There is not just one kind of RCCB (Residual Current operated Circuit-Breaker), rather a whole range of different types: two or four-pole, residual current type AC (not permitted in Germany), A (for AC and pulsating DC residual currents), F (also detect mixed frequencies) B and B+ (AC-DC sensitive). RCCBs can be slow-blow versions or have increased surge current strength, have selective tripping, be specifically tailored to the requirements of electromobility, be adapted for harsh environmental conditions or be built for facilities at risk of fire.
It can be quite a challenge navigating this maze of options and finding the residual current circuit-breaker that perfectly combines safety and system availability.
Our guidelines for selecting residual current circuit-breakers and our selection tool provide reliable assistance in finding your way.
We provide you with clear guidance and a practical questionnaire, to help guide you through our range of residual current circuit-breakers and then advise you which residual current circuit-breaker or product group best meets your individual requirements at the end. You will find the digital selection tool here and the guidelines are also available for you to download: