The new smart DCTR residual current transformer combines fire and system protection by monitoring using individually adjustable parameters. PoE (Power over Ethernet) connects the Ethernet port (network) with the transformer’s power supply via Ethernet.

The frequency-selective DCTR B-X Hz PoE detects and evaluates residual currents at frequencies of 0 to 100 kHz with full reliability and displays them via the PoE interface in the DCTR Manager software. Constant monitoring of residual currents by the DCTR B-X Hz PoE provides information about the system’s isolation and/or leakage current status. As per DIN VDE 0105-100/A1, this can be used to avoid repeat insulation tests, which can often be expensive. The measured values from the individual devices are recorded, thereby enabling individual machines to be controlled, even over extended periods of time.

The DCTR B-X Hz PoE is a type-B residual current monitor and is therefore AC-DC sensitive. The protection concept can be configured for the system, depending on the application. There are also two signal contacts that can be freely configured to react as required: For certain individually adjustable residual currents, you can, for example, trigger a visual or acoustic alarm or switch off the system.

The DCTR B-X Hz PoE and the DCTR Manager are easy to implement. For precise, error-free measurement results, Doepke offers the DCTR residual current transformer with various internal diameters depending on the system’s rated current.

  • detection and evaluation of residual currents
  • protection concept suitable for the system application
  • two adjustable signal contacts
  • easy implementation of devices