Compact multi-level protection for charging columns

The new DFS 6 A EV OCP HD from residual current protection expert Doepke is an ideal electromobility charger solution for those who want to save space. The ‘Super EV switch’ combines residual current protection and overcurrent protection optimised for e-mobility in just one device. As there is no need for miniature circuit-breakers and contactors, the device saves a considerable amount of space.

The DFS 6 A EV OCP HD is a pulsating current-sensitive and AC current-sensitive residual current circuit-breaker with active additional function for detecting smooth DC residual currents ≥ 6 mA and integrated selectable over-current release (OCP = over current protection). The electronic design of the over-current release means that high temperatures, e.g. due to solar radiation, do not impair its function (no de-rating). Thanks to the HD design, this residual current circuit-breaker is also resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture. The charging capacity can optionally be switched to 16 A or 32 A.

With the DFS 6 A EV OCP HD, Doepke is expanding its electromobility product range. The German manufacturer already offers type A residual current circuit-breakers and type F mixed frequency sensitive residual current circuit-breakers for charging columns and wall boxes, as well as a residual current circuit-breaker with 6 mA-DC detection and additional emergency shut-off function in the form of the DFS 4 A EV NA.