Residual current analysis systems DRCA-1-Set
DRCA 1-Set measuring system for analysing discharge/residual currents

Measuring devices are used to detect residual currents or current consumption levels. Due to the increasing use of type B RCDs to protect systems with power electronics equipment (e.g. frequency converters) there are also increasingly more trips from these RCDs to monitor without being able to identify a fault in the system using conventional analysis processes. The cause of these faulty trips are usually residual currents in the form of capacitive leakage currents with frequencies that deviate from the mains frequency and that flow to the earth via real or parasitical capacitance (e.g. EMC capacitors or line capacitance). Depending on the type of electronic equipment, leakage currents may have very different frequency mixes. As these residual currents on the earth resistance of the electrical system also cause touch voltage, they must be detected by an RCD and effect a trip. Measuring systems of this class facilitate the analysis of residual currents and residual current mixes with frequencies that deviate from the mains frequency. The analysis results usually point to the cause of the leakage current, thereby providing information on measures of how to reduce it in order to use a Type B RCD without problems. Measuring d